Free What To Do Online - Picker Wheel

Entries: Paste or Type
Play an instrument
Write a short story
Fill out a crossword puzzle
Try Origami
Play a board game
Put together a puzzle
Watch a rom-com marathon
Sing along to some Disney songs
Plan your next getaway
Build a fort
Try new outfits
Write a letter
Watch a sports game
Call a friend
Watch a performance
Learn a new language
Watch a solo movie
Have a dance party
Learn some popular moves
Play a video game
Creative things to do indoors
Tie-dye an outfit
Paint a picture
Start scrapbooking
Make pottery
Make jewelry that matches your style
Learn a how to do new hairstyle
Start a new book
Download an audiobook
Listen to a new podcast
Try a coloring app
Make a custom photo book
Change up your d├ęcor
Make some wall art
Whip up a new recipe
Craft a complex meal
Bake cookies
Learn cake decorating
Make homemade ice cream
Indulge in a sundae bar
Eat breakfast for dinner
Build a gingerbread house
Work on your wish list
Become a YouTube or TikTok star
Put together a care package
Write to a deployed soldier
Relaxing stress-relief activities
Make a gratitude list
Write out your goals
Unplug your devices
Do a random act of kindness
Give knitting a try
Paint your nails
Take a bubble bath
Put on a face mask
Give your sweetie a massage
Start journaling
Listen to a meditation video
Try living room yoga
Do Zumba
Work your core
Try a new exercise routine
Give a pep talk
Have a lights-out night
Walk down memory lane
Sleep somewhere new
Vent your frustrations
Organizing activities to pass time
Straighten up your junk drawer
Move your furniture around
Move some art
Meal prep for the week
Clean out your attic
Clean your dishwasher
Wash your washing machine
Scour your whole house
Shine the windows
Clean your pillows
Wash your makeup brushes
Sort through your purses
Clean out your closet
Organize your kitchen
Refresh your mantel
Spruce up your outdoor space
Spot-treat your white shoes
Shop for new essentials
Give an old piece new life
Tackle a trouble spot
Head outside
Get lost in your hometown
Set up a blanket and go stargazing
Go for a jog
Light a campfire
Watch a movie outdoors
Dine al fresco
Go for a long walk
Take your pet to the park
Start a garden
Go for a bike ride
Take a drive
Hit the beach
Have a backyard camp out
Go for a hike
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What To Do

Struggling to plan your day? Look no further than What To Do! Our app offers a range of options to help you navigate daily tasks, with the added excitement of spinning the wheel for a spontaneous twist. Whether you're seeking lighthearted fun or serious plans, What To Do streamlines your day with ease.

What's What To Do?

Feeling overwhelmed with choices? Dive into What To Do! This interactive game simplifies daily planning by selecting your next activity at random. Just give the wheel a spin and let fate guide your day's agenda. Whether it's for weekend plans or routine tasks, What To Do adds a touch of excitement to your scheduling.

How to Play the Game:

Planning made fun! What To Do is a game designed to streamline your daily schedule. Simply choose your preferred activity, spin the wheel, and let chance dictate your next move. Stuck for ideas? Consult the 'What to Do' list for inspiration. From running to cooking dinner, the possibilities are endless!

Best Events to Play What To Do:

Wondering what's next? What To Do offers a strategic approach to planning your day. Spin the wheel, place your bet, and let fate decide your agenda. Whether it's a day filled with surprises or a meticulously planned schedule, What To Do ensures an engaging experience!

How Does the Game Work?

Tired of mundane routines? What To Do injects excitement into your day. Pick an action, spin the wheel, and embark on your chosen adventure. With endless possibilities, What To Do ensures a day filled with excitement and productivity. Simply pick an activity and go!

Different Types of What To Do Games:

What To Do offers various game modes tailored to your planning style. From event selection to games of chance, each mode serves a unique purpose:

Event Selection: Choose your favorite activity and spin the wheel for related choices. Game of Chance: Take a guess at your next move, regardless of the outcome. Timed Game: Complete tasks within a set timeframe, maximizing productivity.

How to Play: Choose an Event and Spin the Wheel

Ready for action? What To Do simplifies your planning process. Choose your event, spin the wheel, and let fate guide your day. With endless possibilities, What To Do is your ticket to organized, enjoyable decision-making.

Rewards for Playing What To Do:

Explore new horizons with What To Do! From winning prizes to understanding your lifestyle preferences, playing What To Do offers a range of rewards:

Chance to win prizes from top brands like Nike and Starbucks. Insight into your lifestyle choices. Inspiration for new ventures and creative pursuits. Prioritization of skills and talents for informed decision-making.


Feeling overwhelmed? What To Do is your solution. Spin the wheel, pick an activity, and let the fun begin! Whether you're seeking adventure or routine, What To Do promises an enjoyable and stress-free planning experience."


Q: What is the "What To Do" app?

A: The "What To Do" app is a planning and decision-making tool designed to help users choose daily activities through a fun, interactive wheel-spinning game. Whether you need to decide on a weekend activity or simply figure out what to have for breakfast, "What To Do" offers a creative solution.

Q: How does the "What To Do" game work?

A: Players pick an event or activity they are considering, then spin a virtual wheel that randomly selects an option for them. The game offers various modes, including Event

Selection, Game of Chance, and Timed Game, each designed to cater to different planning needs.

Q: Can I use "What To Do" for serious planning?

A: Absolutely! While "What To Do" adds a fun twist to decision-making, it's built to accommodate both light-hearted and serious planning. From deciding on your next meal to organizing your day's schedule, the app can help streamline your decision-making process.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of activities or options I can add to the wheel?

A: No, there is no set limit to the number of options you can add to the wheel. "What To Do" is designed to be as expansive and inclusive as possible, allowing for a wide range of activities and decisions.

Q: How can I get ideas for what to add to my "What To Do" list?

A: The app comes preloaded with a variety of common activities and suggestions, but if you're looking for more, you can consult the "What To Do" list within the app for inspiration. This list includes a broad range of possibilities, from outdoor adventures to culinary experiments.

Q: Are there rewards for playing "What To Do"?

A: Yes, playing "What To Do" can offer various rewards, including chances to win prizes from well-known brands. Additionally, it provides insights into personal preferences and lifestyle choices, offering inspiration for future activities and helping users prioritize their interests and talents.

Q: Can I customize the "What To Do" wheel?

A: Yes, the "What To Do" wheel is fully customizable. Users can add, remove, or modify the options according to their preferences and needs, ensuring that the wheel always reflects the most relevant choices for their current situation.

Q: Is "What To Do" suitable for group decisions?

A: Definitely! "What To Do" is an excellent tool for group settings, making it easier to decide on activities or plans when opinions are divided. It introduces a fun and democratic way to make decisions, ensuring everyone has a say in the outcome.

Q: How do I download the "What To Do" app?

A: "What To Do" is available for download on various platforms, including iOS and Android. Simply visit your device's app store, search for "What To Do," and follow the instructions to install.

Q: Is there a fee to use the "What To Do" app?

A: The basic version of "What To Do" is free to use, offering a wide range of features at no cost. There may be premium features available for a fee, providing additional functionalities and customization options for users seeking an enhanced experience.

What Should I Do Today
What Should I Do Today

What Should I Do Today

What Should I Do Today" presents a playful and interactive method for organizing your day. Just pick the date, select an activity, and allow the wheel to make the decision for you. But be prepared, it might throw a delightful surprise your way!

What to Watch Wheel

The 'What to Watch Wheel' is a perfect choice for movie enthusiasts. Simply choose your preferences, and let the wheel recommend a new show to stream from Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

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What to Watch Wheel
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What To Draw introduces a creative twist to ignite your artistic inspiration. Browse through a diverse selection of items on the wheel, give it a spin, and unveil your next drawing subject.

Happy Spinning

What To Do is an entertaining game designed to help you plan your day. Pick an event you love, spin the wheel, and let chance or fortune guide your next activity.
Monu Tiwari

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